About us

Jet Clean Systems was formed in 2015 as a spin-off company during the merger between General Electric and Alstom. In the period from 2007 to 2015, the technologies used by Jet Clean Systems were developed by us in research projects and applied and verified on power plants.  

With our years of experience in engineering, implementation as well as in the application area on large construction sites, we are a competent partner for you and your projects.


Laboratory of Jet Clean Systems AG
Laboratory of Jet Clean Systems AG

Our laboratory in Brugg for testing systems and process development. The following infrastructure is available to us:

  • High pressure pump up to 4200bar and 2l/min and 5l/min
  • High pressure unit up to 500bar and 15l/min
  • SURFAST® 400HP
  • SURFAST® Cabinet
  • Workstation with rotary unit
  • Industrial robot KUKA
  • Space for test setups and test arrangements
  • Various measurment technologies: microscope, Purity meter
  • Own additive production
  • Water jet cutting machine

Directions to Brugg

Directions to JCS Brugg

Milestones - Development

  • 2020 Commissioning of an Automated Wheel Cleaning System
  • 2019 Another six Manual Wheel Cleaning Systems are put into operation
  • 2018 Various SURFAST® products are now ready for the market
  • 2017 Commissioning of the first wheel cleaning machine
  • 2016 Further development of the SURFAST® technology; engineering of custom wheel cleaning system 
  • 2015 Foundation of the company Jet Clean Systems AG
  • 2014 Further successful on site assignments at home and abroad
  • 2013 Booth at "parts to clean" in Stuttgart with feedback: "good technology but no products available"
  • 2012 Boiler cleaning and various on-site tests in Spain as well as cleaning tests for shell oil tanks in the UK
  • 2011 First on-site tests in New Zealand
  • 2010 Various tests, cleaning turbine rotors, advancement of technology
  • 2009 Alstom Innovation Award for the Waterjet Cleaning System
  • 2008 Development of SURFAST® Technology and Waterjet Cleaning System
  • 2007 Foundation of the company Waterjet Technologies AG

Jet Clean Systems AG
Wildischachenstr. 14
CH-5200 Brugg

+41 56 450 96 64