Automated Wheel Cleaning System

The automated WCS is composed of different modules.

The cycle time is 3/4 to 1 minute.

Automated WCS

1. Drive
A pair of belts runs through the entire system and is driven by a common motor.

2. Centering / wetting
In this module, the wheel is wetted with water from above and below, optionally sprayed with cleaning additive and brought into a defined position in which it is then passed on from module to module.

3. Brushing
in the brushing module, adhering dirt is removed from the wheel using ratating brushes. A plate brush cleans the rim star side from above and a head brush cleans the inside of the rim.

4. Washing
In this module, the remaining dirt is washed off with water under high pessure (approx. 100 bar).

5. Drying
Here the complete wheel is dried with air flow.

6. Control

Tecnical details

Water supply 35l / min
Electrical suppy 400V / 32A
Automated WCS Masse

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