Tools, molds and dies require very fine and / or structured surfaces on functional surfaces to fulfill their function. 

SURFAST® is used for surface treatment of functional surfaces, especially when polishing three-dimensional freeforms after mechanical processing.

Tool Construction


Polishing of injection molding tools

Removal of machining marks (milling, turning). Homogenizing and polishing the surface. Filigree contours and transitions are retained. Manual activities can be replaced by automated processes.



Deburring of electrodes out of cupper

Replaces manual deburring with air grinders or similar hand tools. Defined deburring process is time-saving and thorough compared to the manual process.



High-gloss polishing of free-form surfaces

Developed in research, industrial implementation in progress. Applicable for tools with three-dimensional geometries. Replaces hand polishing with a defined, automated and reproducible process.



Maintenance of tools


Cleaning of casting dies out of cupper

Service on tools in use. Removal of residues without changes to the surface properties. The surface is polished, in contrast to sandblasting no change in geometry and no removal of the tool surface is created, allowing longer tool life.



Processing of heat-treated items

Reworking of heat treated workpieces and filigree components. Removal of scale and cleaning of adhering substances.



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