Wheel Cleaning

Jet Clean Systems has developed various wheel cleaning systems for the cleaning of wheels before storing in wheel storage. With this wheel cleaning machine high quality cleaning of two wheels per minute without the need of chemical additives can be achieved.

This is an example of pure water blasting.

Wheel Cleaning Systems



Tools, molds and dies require very fine and / or structured surfaces on functional surfaces to fulfill their function.  

SURFAST® is used for surface finishing of functional surfaces, especially for polishing three-dimensional freeforms after mechanical processing:



Medical Industry

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Precision and cleanliness are of great importance in medical technology. With SURFAST® even the smallest parts can be processed efficiently and precisely:

Medical industry


Plastics Industry


Also in the plastics industry SURFAST® is used in different areas:

Plastics industry


Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing methods gain significant influence in the production of prototypes, small series and components with special contours.  

SURFAST® is used for surface treatment after the production of the components for the removal of the scale layer and improvements in the technical and optical surface properties:

Additive Manufacturing


Turning Industry

As development of twisted machines progresses, increasingly complex components can be manufactured on lathes. However, burrs often emerge at the crossings, which can be removed efficiently with SURFAST®.

Turning Industry


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