Water jet cutting

Jet Clean Systems is specialized in the area of water jet cutting for special devices as well as mobile use. 

For stationary solutions we call in our partner company Waterjet AG.

Basically, water jet cutting can be divided into 2 categories:

  1. Water Jet Cutting
  2. Abrasive Water Jet Cutting

Both of the procedures require the water to be pumped to a pressure of up to 6000 bar, which is subsequently released via a nozzle, generating a high speed water jet.

Water jet cutting (WJC)

Water Jet Cutting uses this jet as a tool to cut soft materials like foam, textiles  or food.

Abrasive water jet cuttting (AWJC)

When applying Abrasive Water Jet Cutting (AWJC), an abrasive material is subsequently added to the water jet and accelerated in a focusing tube. The resulting abrasive water jet is able to cut all common technical materials, such as: 

  • steel and stainless steel
  • aluminum, non-ferrous metals and noble metals
  • chromium, nickel, titanium, tantalum etc.
  • hard metals
  • ceramics
  • glass, armoured glass
  • rock, granite, marble
  • sandwich materials, structural materials, reinforced plastics (CFK, GFK)
  • thermoplasts and duroplastics

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