Pure water blasting

Using high pressure water jets is the oldest application of water jet technology. Originally used for mining, nowadays the technology is applied in the industry mostly in the areas of cleaning, decoating and deburring of technical parts.


Pure water jet blasting is based upon a simple principle:

A pump brings the water to pressures of up to 500bar. A safety valve or a rupture disc protects against overpressure in the system and a nozzle generates the water jet that is directed onto the workpiece to match the application. The water then flows into a sump or puddle, is cleaned and returned to the closed circuit. The water can optionally be mixed with an additive.


By changing the essential parameters of pressure, flow and nozzle configuration, a wide variety of applications can be done efficiently.

Jet Clean Systems determines these important parameters suitable for the application by using its own infrastructure. Additionally, by using closed loops and filters, we are committed to limit the use of resources and thereby protecting the environment.

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