This is a new technology in which additives and fluid are mixed at ambient pressurs. The mixture is then brought directly to the working pressure by a pump. This enables efficient processing of components and surfaces made of metal and plastic.

With this special process, an abrasive jet is generated with a total efficiency of 57 %, in contrast to previous processes, in which the abrasive is only added later and an overall efficiency of 7 % is achieved.

SURFAST® is a new technology with clear unique advantages compared to existing blasting processes:

  • High quality, adjustable surface quality from roughening to polishing, Ra values from 0.1 to 2.0
  • Reusability of the abrasive means minimal abrasive consumption (0.5 kg is enough for thousands of parts)
  • Minimal consumption leads to low disposal costs and less environmental pollution
  • High flexibility and low process forces due to the low working pressure (from 20 bar to max. 150 bar)
  • High edge quality due to the gentle cleaning
  • Massively less to no radiation residue in the surface
  • Low noise emissions, no dust emissions (harmless to the environment and safety)

Alternative blasting technology
Alternative blasting technology

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