Particles directly added to a fluid
Particles directly added to a fluid

... is our solution for surface finishing,cleaning and deburring applications

We use the energy of fluids with additives
We use the energy of fluids with additives

... without noise and emissions of alternative technologies

We machine surfaces
We machine surfaces

... efficient, with defined quality and without residues


We thank you for visiting us at the Swiss Medtech in Lucerne on 10th/11th September, 2019 and for your interest in our products.

Jet Clean Systems engineers with you and for you industrial solutions in the field of surface machining, finishing and cleaning.

We are an inventor and exclusive supplier of the patented blasting technology SURFAST®. Detailed information can be found on the product website:

SURFAST Oberflächenbearbeitung

Our systems process different parts out of metal and plastic. Whether polishing, cleaning, deburring, descaling or decoating, from small medical parts to large cast housings, everything is possible


We will be pleased to inform you in a personal conversation about the specific application possibilities of the SURFAST® technology or carry out tests on your components in our own application laboratory.


In addition to our standard products, we also develop customer-specific solutions in various areas of surface treatment and cleaning.


SURFAST® Technology

An example of a practical use of SURFAST®

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